3d Architectural House Visualization in Blender 2.64

This animation was created in blender 2.64.
I used rendering engine with Cyckes and Hdri map weighs 150 mb is free. All textures downloaded in cgtextures.com. Whole the scene contains an 10 milions verticles and file size 1.2 GB.

Something like working on such a large stage work was very good for my workstation, equipped with Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 GHz porcesor graphics card and Nvidia Gforce GTX 680 with 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of 2400 MHz my computer is ASUS Z77 motherboard and power supply power of 800 watts.

Kitchen was modeled by me and the rest of the equipments of the house I downloaded 3darchive.com then I had to apply a texture to them and arrange mutandis. The character created in Makehuman.

This image rendered Cycles 2500 sampels rendering time 1 hour

One frame renderings in about 4 minutes and some even 6 minutes of 800 samples per frame. To render it took about 9 GB of ram. Trees have the highest verticles. Some noise that arise when rendering I was able to remove the help of composition, but in some frames you can see is light noise. Water created on my workstation 30 minutes with resolution 200.

Some test renders

 Cycles 800 sampels rendering time 4 minutes

Cycles 800 sampels rendering time 3 minutes

Test render without composition, rendering time 1000 sampels 5 minutes

Kitchen Cycles 1000 sampels rendering time 8 minutes

 Kitchen Cycles 1000 sampels 6 minutes, together with the composition

Without composition

No materials rendering with cycles 1000 sampels 3 minutes

100 sampels 4 minuter

 200 sampels 8 minutes