Adobe After Effect CS6 and Element 3D: Emastudio Intro AE Full HD

This project created for my friends with The project was completed in Adobe After Effects CS6

The company specializes in creating content video for various organization and takes pictures for many people and also participates in the prestigious events.

The project I used Adobe After Effects CS6 , and plugin Element 3D  by Videocopilot. At the beginning I created a string that opened the plugin elements. There, I gave the letter to the materials presented nicely , the colors are slightly changed from the original design. Next I added a soundtrack for it to be able to do some effects. The first loop that takes animation, is the first letter after a rotate axis x 360 degrees and the effect is repeated for each subsequent letter, but offset by a few frames , so that the letters be turning one on the track. Dear letters resulted in the shift of the y-axis shifts also with a few frames for subsequent letters . Next is bouncing animation elements is also the matter is obvious, the letters have been moved to the axis of the cage and copying which was the first in the result.

Screen animation line

Compositon final results

Materials with Element 3d

Final Compositon