Cinema 4d and VRay: Interior Design Visualization Robo Pie Video HD

Recently a finished rendering my new visualization. Made in Cinema 4d and VRayforc4d. One image is of poor quality and something changed in the settings and I could not what really happened, and I decided to have this not improve.

Software: CINEMA 4D
Render: Vray
Post: Adobe Photoshop
Render time: 52 min
Resolution: 4k

Link to 4k resolution

In the settings I took Global Illumination rendering options in two batches. The first rendering of Light cache only the first frame in half the resolution as it has been set to the final image. The second step is the render has also been halved, and every tenth frame of the image sequence. Then joined the two renderings together and created this video. Unfortunately this was rendered in a multi-pass and very much regret because in post production could be a splurge. I used to post production Adobe After Effects.

ROBO PIE CINEMA 4D Vray from str9led on Vimeo.

The first batch image done in about 7 minutes on an Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 GHz porcesor.

The way the party was doing to 3 minutes per frame. The final rendering of 1024 frames already baked to 51 hours.


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