Kitchen and Bedroom Blender and Octane Render

Hi, this is my new post of this blog. This work created quite a long time ago in Blender and Octane Render for testing, just now decided to show it.

This work is unfinished, not going to already come back to it. Not all 3d models are created by me, most downloaded from the Internet for free. Sofa and armchair I downloaded from site http://www.flou.ti where you can find a very cool 3d models for free. In the kitchen most models I downloaded from the website which is another site with free 3d models. As you can see on one of the renders 3d there is a scan of a woman which I downloaded for free from the turbosquid.

Software: Blender 2.7
Render Engine: Octane Render
Render Time: 3 min - 1h 15min

Octane Render settings can be optimized to work faster, but the models in the scene are not entirely polished and a lot of these errors. I tested different settings in engine to optimize time of the final rendering.

Settings in some scenes  include:

Kernel: Path Trace, Direct Lighting
Max Diffuse Depth: 4-256
Max Glossy Depth: 24

I you would like to see even smilar RENDER OF oCTANE rENDER welcome on these page 


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