Kickstarter Video Game: The Works of Mercy Next Gen Psychological Thriller

The Works of Mercy Next Gen Psychological Thriller

Hi, I am working with a couple of friends from Pentacle on a video game. It is a psychological thriller powered by
Unreal Engine 4. Please support us on Kickstarter if you like the game!

GamePlay "The Work of Mercy"

The voice hidden behind antagonist belongs to legendary J.S. Gilbert who worked on League of Legends, and many other major titles.

The Works of Mercy is a psychological thriller inspired by the classics of the genre: Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion,” “The Tenant” and Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” The game’s plot revolves around mysterious killings committed on seemingly random victims. Only this time it’s the player who becomes the murderer.

“The Works of Mercy” tells a story of a personal tragedy and wrecked psyche. When a cryptic tormentor forces the protagonist to kill people in order to save his family, the game’s hero (and the player) is posed with a series of dramatic questions. Who is the tormentor? Why is he so vengeful toward the protagonist’s family? How far do you have to go to satisfy him? How can you justify the killing in the sake of saving someone’s life? And how will you cope with the sense of guilt?

The Works of Mercy” takes place in a photorealistic world as immersive as the real one. It lets the player get the very feel of roaming through murky locations and delve into the hero’s mind which is put to a serious trial. The game enables you to explore a fully interactive environment featuring the best elements of such games as “Gone Home” or “P.T.”

concept art by Jakub Mathia

“The Works of Mercy” will leave the gamers with a lasting impression and face them with the question: how much could I sacrifice for my family? It will take the players through a dark world which gradually dissolves to an increasingly surreal vision of the protagonist’s mind captured in a lethal trap.

Pentacle is The Works of Mercy developer supported by PlayWay as the Steam publisher. PlayWay allows us to use their KS account (it's very problematic to start KS campaign if you're outside of US, UK, Canada). Our team consists of very talented and experienced developers. We have made integral contributions to games such as The Witcher, Call of Juarez as well as many casual games. We complement each other with experience and passion to create more and more powerful mindf*** games focused on virtual reality experience. 

Please support us on Kickstarter if you like the game!

Risk and Challenges

Every game requires a lot of work and dedication. Story has to be written, levels designed, artwork drawn, code typed in, music composed and sounds recorded. The problems can arise in each of those areas. This requires a team of capable and responsible people. We consider ourselves to be such a team - we can handle this project and make it happen.